This section provides supporting material for the participants in the first Seminar to further deepen and understand the promotion of effective European integration of refugees into secondary education structures.

European Union

Basic information about the EU

EU treaties

EU law

EU citizenship

European Union and Immigration

European Migration Action Plan

Action plan for the inclusion of third-country nationals

European Asylum System

Reform of the Common European Asylum System

European Union and Education of Refugee Children

Education and training

Education and Migrants


Education Talks: Training paths for migrant’s children

eTwinning: the school community of Europe


Learning Corner

Erasmus +: Thinking about war, I shape the future

Higher education for immigrants and refugees

Multilingual classes


Exhibition of Y.A. emphasizes the crisis in education for refugee children

Integration of asylum seekers and refugees in higher education in Europe

Integration of students with migrant background in schools in Europe

How do students with an immigrant background achieve academically? (Report of the European Commission)

Children and Rights

Human Rights

National Commission on Human Rights

Hellenic Union for Human Rights

UN High Commissioner for the refugees

Children’s Advocate